About Us
Playdek, Inc

Our goal: To introduce the entire world to the excitement of tabletop gaming!

Located in San Diego’s beautiful coastal community of Carlsbad, CA, Playdek is comprised of veteran console video game developers, with a passion for tabletop gaming. The winner of multiple industry related awards, Playdek has become the premier developer, publisher and platform for the world’s best tabletop gaming.

With our development roots in the video game world and our hearts in gaming, the team at Playdek has poised itself for success in the expanding worldwide Smartphone and tablet gaming market. Established in 2011, Playdek has already set the standard for the emerging digital tabletop gaming space, and is set to merge the sophistication and depth of the hobby gaming world with the ease of interaction provided by digital platforms. To date, hundreds of thousands of gamers have joined together to enjoy our most popular titles including Agricola and the award winning Ascension and Summoner Wars!

By partnering with popular publishers and designers from the analog game world and bringing to bear our considerable digital game expertise, Playdek will accomplish exactly what we set out to do… Introduce the entire world to the excitement of tabletop gaming!

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Management Team

Joel Goodman: Chief Executive Officer

17 years of professional game development experience in management, business, production, design and art roles at Incinerator Studios, THQ, SCEA and Interplay. Past President of Incinerator Studios, Joel is responsible for company direction, strategic development, studio culture and company financials.

Gary Weis: Chief Technology Officer

12 years of professional development experience at Incinerator Studios, THQ and SCEA. At Playdek, Gary is the chief architect of both the Thermal and Mber core technology engines. During his time at SCEA, Gary was Lead Programmer on numerous teams and Team Lead on an internal development team responsible for core technologies. An animation and physics systems expert, Gary is responsible for technical design and direction, and the health of the engineering department. Gary was a co-founder of Incinerator Studios.

Jeff Garstecki: Chief Creative Officer

15 years of professional game development experience in art and design with Incinerator Studios, THQ, Rockstar and SCEA. Jeff also spent a few years in the automotive industry as a vehicle concept designer. He is experienced in character and vehicular design, as well as environments and concept art, and is responsible for art design and direction, as well as the health of the art team. Jeff was a co-founder of Incinerator Studios.

George Rothrock: Director of Business Development

15 years developing, teaching and evangelizing games, George has filled executive production, design, brand and management roles at Qualcomm, SCEA and Redzone Interactive. Passionate about tabletop gaming and experienced in all facets of development, George is responsible for business development and partner relationships.


Playdek won't rest until acknowledged as the premier source for high quality digital tabletop and original games. Playdek drives success for our partners by delivering great games to players. And at Playdek, we believe that everyone is a player.