Playdek Announces Gen Con Sale and New Games

In celebration of Gen Con 2012 we're reducing the price on the following games for a limited time:

The sale will run: 8/16/12 until 8/23/12

In addition, we're confirming a few games…

Icon Smash Up!
Smash Up!, the all-new shufflebuilding game from Playdek and Alderac Entertainment Group hits the digital tabletop this year. Featuring Pirates, Ninja, Zombies, Robots, Dinosaurs and more Smash Up! will make your iDevice at least 84.4% more awesome than anyone else's. Smash Up! will offer the best features from all our games and brings AEG's awesome new game play mechanic to the world of deck games. Our friends AEG will be showing Smash Up at Gen Con this year and we think you ought to check it out! Look for further announcements soon! Smash Up the Card Game

Icon Tank on Tank
Tank on Tank from Playdek will bring an engaging light war game to your digital tabletop with stunning graphics, ease of play and many of the features you've come to expect from Playdek. Tank on Tank from Lock N Load Publishing is an excellent tactical game that can be learned in five minutes and played during a lunch break. The Allies land in Normandy to liberate France from German rule. The liberation however, won't be an easy road. From D-Day at Omaha Beach, through the battle for Normandy, the Allies will fight the Germans tooth and nail, bayonet and rifle, tank on tank. Look for further news in the weeks ahead. Tank on Tank at Lock N Load Publishing

Icon Can't Stop
Can't Stop is Playdek's first title with their friends from Gryphon Games. Playdek brings the venerable Sid Sackson classic to 3d with the usual Playdek polish. Once you've started this intense dice game, you just can't stop! You'll go for the dice again and again only to risk losing it all on a single roll. Can't Stop Boardgame

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