Playdek Partners with Arclight!

Playdek, a leading mobile video game publisher, today announced its partnership with Arclight Games, a leading Japanese publisher of hobby games, to bring the company’s popular anime style game, Tanto Cuore, to mobile devices.

“Arclight Games is a premier Japanese publisher and this partnership opens up Japanese hobby gaming to Playdek,” said Joel Goodman, CEO, Playdek . “We're excited to bring Tanto Cuore to mobile and to be working with Arclight Games.”

Designed by Masayuki Kudou, Tanto Cuore is an anime style, deck building game for two to four players, who take on the role of “masters of the house” in control of serving maids. Players use strategy to add maids to their house and the player with the best collection of maids earns the most victory points and wins. Beware – a player's opponents can make the maids become sick or give them bad habits, reducing the number of victory points they are worth.

Look for the first game from the Playdek and Arclight Games partnership to arrive Q2, 2013.

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