Playdek Support Page

This page lists some of the common challenges our players have encountered and information about the underlying issues. In most cases, solutions that we have found to work are provided. If your issue is not listed or if the provided remedies don’t seem to help, please email:

Please let us know:

* The game you are having issues with

* The version number or the last time you updated the game

* Your device/platform type

* The operating system you are running

* The model number for mobile devices

* The email you created your Playdek Account with


Supported Platforms and Devices

We currently have products on iOS, Android, PC and Mac devices. As the various supported devices and operating systems vary per game, please check the supported devices list for each game, on the associated platform.


Online Game Requirements

* A Playdek account is required to play online for all platforms.

* A Game Center Account is required to view achievements for some of our iOS products

* Some games on iOS require an iCloud account to store player data and custom content


Playdek Online Account Notice

Our online games use a Playdek online account system, which is required for online play. This system allows us to integrate our players across our various products and supported platforms. Creating a Playdek Online account will preserve your existing user stats and games in progress, and the same account can be used across all Playdek titles that support online play. If you have previously created a Playdek Online account, you may use your current login information to access online game play.


For new accounts, please note the following

- In order to create an account, a valid email address is required. A link to verify and activate your new account will be sent to the email address attached to the account.

- After verifying a valid email address, you will need to accept the Terms of Service by tapping the check box next to "I Agree".

- Once the account is activated, the verified email address and the password that you set for the account are all that is required to login to any of our supported Playdek Online titles.

- Checking "Remember Password" will allow for automatic login when launching the app.

- You may change your password by using the "Forgot Login" button. Doing so will require you to verify your email address by following the link in the "Change Password" confirmation email.


Basic Trouble Shooting for Mobile Platforms

If you are experiencing issues on iOS or Android devices we suggest you try the following:

* Quit all other running applications

* Restart the application

* Perform any updates that are available

If this does not clear the issue, we suggest deleting and reinstalling the application.

NOTE: deleting the application will remove any games that are in progress.

* Delete the application

* Re-install the game

o Go to the specific mobile store and initiate a re-install

o Go to the game’s In-App Store and tap Restore Purchases to re-install any previously purchased expansion content


Probably a Good Idea

* Occasionally completely quit the game

* Occasionally re-boot your device

* Don’t have too many applications running while you play


Push Notifications

Push notifications allow our online game server to notify you when it is your turn in an online game. In order for Push Notifications to work, you must enable them in the Settings Menu on the device.

* Tap the “Notifications” tile to bring up the Notifications Center

* Tap the tile for the Playdek game for which you wish to receive Push Notifications

* Make sure that Notification Center is slid to “On”

Note that your device must be able to access a wireless network in order to receive a Push Notification. This might be a cellular network, but a Wi-Fi-only device must have Wi-Fi turned on and be connected to a network.


If You Have a Home Network – for the iOS Platform

Apple documentation states that port 5223 must be open on your firewall (home network) for notifications to work.


In App Purchase Issues

If you are unable to make purchases from within our In-App Store you should check your Settings Menu. iOS devices allow you to prohibit purchases from within an application and you might need to enable this feature at the device iOS level.

If you are unable to restore your in-app purchases on a mobile device, please try the following: log out of your mobile account. Then launch the game and go to the In-App Store menu. Tap “Purchase” for the expansion content you wish to buy. You’ll be prompted to log in with your mobile account and then you can buy the expansion content.

Some players have reported issues as they were not aware that you will be able to re-enable previously purchased expansion content if you have “lost” it. Some players have deleted a game and then later decided to re-install it, and they believed that they had lost their expansion content. If you have already purchased the content, you can tap “Restore Purchases” in the In-App Store menu and your expansion content be re-installed. You should not be charged a second time.


Playing Online

In order to play our games online, you must have a Playdek account and be connected to the internet when you attempt to go to the Play Online menu.

From the opening screen tap the “Play Online” button to connect to the server and get to the Online Lobby screen.

Having trouble?

* Do you have a Playdek account?

* Do you have internet connectivity?


If you have any other issues not covered above, or notice what you think is bug in one of our games, please email


Updated March 14th, 2017