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Answer the summons of the trumpets and bear the burden of the Twilight Struggle. Set during the ideological tension of the Cold War, Twilight Struggle: Red Sea places the United States and the Soviet Union at critical odds in the Horn of Africa. Every choice you make will impact the balance of power.  

"Now the trumpet summons us again" —John Fitzgerald Kennedy, First Inaugural 1961. 


Twilight Struggle: Red Sea builds on the award-winning game Twilight Struggle. The year is 1974. As the Soviet Union and the United States are locked in a life-or-death struggle across the globe, the Horn of Africa suddenly takes center stage. Leadership changes spark a chain of events that upset the regional balance of power and unleash all the familiar elements of the Cold War. 


Lead the global policy in this 2-player, card driven strategy game and take the role as either the United States or the Soviet Union. Engage in varying actions that are vital to regional stability such as spreading political influence, conducting military coups, or attempting favorable political realignments. It is your goal to gain allies and be the leading worldwide superpower. But be careful not to overreach, as one wrong decision can lead to DEFCON One and a game ending nuclear war!


Real World Events 

Card mechanics based on the historical events of the Cold War, centered around East Africa, the Arabian Gulf, and the vital sea lanes stretching between them. New Flashpoint countries create additional tension around Coup attempts and have DEFCON impacts. 


Customized Game Options 

Specific cards from Twilight Struggle can be integrated into Twilight Struggle: Red Sea to add an extra Late War turn to extend the experience. Play the solitaire game via the Solo BOT or take on the challenge of facing the A.I. in offline games. 


Spread Your Influence Globally 

Play online against other players and compete against friends in PvP games, utilizing various multi-player modes. 

Available soon on the following platforms

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PC & Mac

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