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About Twilight Struggle

About TS

Twilight Struggle is a strategy game set in the Cold War that presents new and different challenges with every game session. The game map is a world map of the period, whereon players move units and exert influence in attempts to gain allies and control for their superpower. The playable events in the game cover a vast array of historical happenings, from the Arab-Israeli conflicts of 1948 and 1967, to Vietnam and the U.S. peace movement, to the Cuban Missile Crisis and other such incidents that brought the world to the brink of nuclear annihilation.
Play as the US or USSR during the Cold War and change the course of history.

TS Features



  • Events found in the game are actual events that occurred during the Cold War.

  • Full asynchronous support for multiplayer online games.

  • 2010 James F. Dunnigan Design Elegance Award

  • 2010 Charles S. Roberts Best Post-WW2 Era Board Wargame

  • 2010 Gameshark Game of the Year



Twilight Struggle: Turn Zero is a new mini-expansion that lets players explore alternate starting situations for the two superpowers. What if Chiang's forces had held on in southern China? What if Churchill's Tories had won re-election in 1945? And what if the Western Allies had crossed the bridge too far, and reached Berlin first? These and other possibilities that alter the opening setup in Twilight Struggle are now open to players. Both seasoned veterans and new arrivals will enjoy the many new plays and dilemmas introduced here for the first time.


  • Turn Zero Scenario

  • Promo Packs 1 and 2 (8 cards)

  • Alternate Space Rack Track

  • Collector’s Edition Card Art

Turn Zero


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