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About Lords of Waterdeep

About LoW

Lords of Waterdeep is a turn-based strategy game played in 8 rounds and can be played against AI or with up to 5 human players. Players take turns assigning their agents to do their bidding, whether it is to recruit new adventurers to their tavern or purchase a new building for the city. Points and resources are gained by completing quests, playing Intrigue cards, constructing new buildings or having other players utilize the buildings you have constructed. At the end of the 8 rounds bonus points are awarded and the player with the most points at the end wins the game.

LoW Features



  • Computer opponents and asynchronous cross platform multiplayer online play

  • Options for 2-5 players (6 players with the Undermountain or Scoundrels of Skullport expansions)

  • AI Opponents

  • Asynchronous or real-time online play (2-5 players)

  • Ability to invite Playdek friends to matches

  • Public or Private online profile statistics

  • Selectable online game clocks

  • "Next game" button takes you to your next asynchronous online game

  • In-game tutorial

  • Rule Book and Card Gallery to review game text and effects

  • Options for Music and SFX and animation speed

  • Animated backgrounds

  • Player ratings system

  • Other player's Online status indicator

  • 2013 Golden Geek Awards Readers' Choice Game of the Year Winner

  • 2013 Golden Geek Awards Technical and Design Awards: Achievement in AI Gold Award

  • 2013 Golden Geek Awards Video Game: Best Mobile/Handheld Game Nominee

  • PocketGamer: Gold Award

  • PocketTactics: 5 Stars



The Skullport expansion brings with it Corruption, a new resource module that has both benefits and disadvantages to it for players. This expansion also includes the Rapid Expansion Promo Card which allows you to obtain more buildings to add to your collection.

New Lord Cards, new quests, and new intrigue cards can be found. The map has been expanded and advanced buildings have been added that will provide more resources for the players to acquire. These additional cards and buildings are sure to make for a challenging game against strategic players.

The expansion also adds a player, for a total of 6 giving even more players the chance to engage in D&D action whenever and however they want.


The Undermountain expansion gives players the chance to explore Undermountain, a vast and multileveled dungeon beneath Mount Waterdeep that once served the crazed wizard Halaster as a site for magical experiments. In this labyrinthine with few refuges for weary adventurers, players can enter new quests to discover rumored wealth but must brave the mysteries and monsters beneath the City of Splendors.

With three new Lord cards including the Wizard Halaster Black Cloak, clever dandy Danilo Thann, and Halaster’s apprentice Trobirand, players can test their skills on four new quests and new intrigue cards. An expanded gameboard with three new buildings and an extra agent, as well as a handful of new buildings for purchase, keep the gameplay challenging.

LoW Expansions


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